Dar Al-Orman

Dar Al-Orman is a charity based in Egypt. The charity is registered under no. 1158 Giza. When it started in the year 1993, Dar Al-Orman had only one orphanage that provides care for orphaned children. Eventually, its activities have expanded, and the charity turned into one of the greatest charities in the country.

Dar Al-Orman is a pioneer charity in the field of care and development. The charity provides a micro loan financing for those who are in need. Furthermore, they also offer micro loans for female householders who need some support so that they will be able to begin their small projects.

When the people who are in charge of Dar Al-Orman recognized the zeal of a lot of donors, firms, and people who are quite willing to pay a large sum of money just to bring back the life that the impoverished villages of Egypt once had, the concept of having an “institution for every village” was born. The main goal of the project is to provide donations to poor villages through their small projects for those individuals who are capable of working. In addition to this, the charity aims to eliminate poverty itself, extend utilities and provide medication to the people, and many more.

Through its own initiative, Dar Al-Orman has provided thousands of micro-financing loans that enabled the Egyptian people from several govenorates to begin with their small business. The charity has also organized teaching lessons for sewing and working on loom for the local girls. Learning various skills will enable the people to gain their own monthly income, which in turn will let them support their respective families.